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What is Point2Hectare?

Point2Hectare is the first Agritech company to unlock the full potential of biochar for the soil and fertilizer improvement.


Sustainable Agriculture

is the way forward for the future of farming, addressing both the immediate needs of current populations and the long-term health of our planet. By minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers, sustainable agriculture not only reduces harm to the environment but also supports biodiversity and ecosystem services. It promotes healthier soil, reduced water usage, and diminished greenhouse gas emissions.

For farmers

it can lead to reduced input costs, increased resilience to climate change, and stable yields over time.

For fertilizer manufacturers

it can lead to the development and marketing of organic and eco-friendly products, tapping into the growing demand for sustainable farming inputs.

For end customers

it means more nutritious and safer food products. Embracing sustainable agriculture ensures that we can feed current and future generations without depleting our planet's precious resources.


What does our company name, 'Point2Hectare,' mean?

2000m2 or 0.2 hectares (point two hectare) is the average arable land available to feed a person.


Our Purpose

Think The Soil. Farm The Future.
We are committed to revolutionize agriculture by unlocking the power of biochar, enabling sustainable farming practices that nourish the earth and contribute to a greener, more resilient global food system.


Biochar-Enhanced Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

We specialize in biochar-based products tailored for soil enhancement and crop nourishment. Our innovative solutions boost soil fertility, improve crop yields, enhance water retention, and amplify fertilizer efficiency. In addition to enhancing agricultural productivity, we are passionate about reducing CO2eq emissions and sequestering carbon on a monumental scale.

Addressing the Global Soil Health Crisis

In Europe, a staggering 60-70% of soils are compromised, leading to costs exceeding 50 billion Euros annually. Such degraded soils diminish the availability of crucial ecosystem services, impacting food production, nutrient cycling, carbon capture, and more. On a global scale, we lose an alarming 10 million hectares of farm land each year to factors like unsustainable land practices, contamination, urban encroachment, and the adverse effects of climate change.

Championing Regenerative Agriculture and Climate-Conscious Farming

We are an agricultural business that provides solution for current and future farm practices and challenges. We wholeheartedly believe that our solutions are pivotal for the advancement of regenerative agriculture and climate-responsive farming.
We offer biochar based products for soil amendment and crop fertilisation. They are designed to increase the soil fertility and crop yields, water supply and fertilizer efficiency while reducing CO2eq emissions and sequestering carbon at a million tonne scale


Here We Come: Diverse And Experienced

Jan Mumme, PhD

Jan Mumme, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Jan is an Award winning Biochar entrepreneur and agricultural engineer and researcher.

Diana Smite

Diana Smite

Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, Co-Founder

Diana boasts extensive experience in various commercial roles across multinational ICT and FMCG corporations.

Max Billinger

Max Billinger

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Max holds over 25 years’ experience in different leadership roles.



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Max Billinger, Dr. Jan Mumme

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